“Shining True” Review by Kathy Parsons

“Shining True” is the debut CD by pianist/composer/vocalist Amy Janelle, and what a beautiful beginning it is! The album consists of eight original piano solos and three piano/vocal pieces. The piano tracks were recorded at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio and the vocals were recorded by Eric Tingstad – both studios are a guarantee of the very best sound quality. Amy’s music is smooth, gentle, and very soothing – kind of a massage for the mind and spirit. A classically-trained pianist from the third grade on, Amy started composing her own music in middle school thinking that her teacher couldn’t tell her how to play it since she wrote it herself. This recorded collection is a group of pieces composed during a recent period of intense creativity, and the results are a wonderful gift of very personal musical creations.

“Shining True” begins with “Finally Home,” a warm piece that flows on a river of contentment and peace. “Enchantment” is tranquil and graceful mixed with a touch of magic. “Foreboding Chimes” goes a bit darker with one of my favorites. Melancholy and reflective, it really touches the heart. “My Love” is the first of the three piano/vocal tracks, and is a love song, pure and simple. “Healer” is also a piano/vocal piece, and is more on the mysterious side – very evocative and beautiful! I really like “Graduation” and its blend of joy and contemplation. “Beyond a Voice” is my favorite of the piano solos. Slow and very graceful, it feels like a tender love song to that most special someone. Gorgeous and very warming! “Live Your Dream” is the last of the vocals and is my favorite of those three tracks. Strong, positive, and very encouraging, it could be a love song to a dear friend who is having doubts.

Amy Janelle is certainly off to an exceptional start with “Shining True,” and I will be looking forward to future releases from this very promising artist! Recommended!